Trust a Design Pro With Your Landscape

Trust a Design Pro With Your Landscape

We'll install your paver walkways

Adding walkways and paths to your yard can bring your landscape design together. The right landscaper knows exactly how to lay your pavers for the perfect design effect.

When you need a professional landscaper, trust Stonie Park Lawn Care. We can install brand-new pavers, replace your old walkways and pressure wash your existing walkways.

Our hardworking team knows how to make your yard look incredible. Call 941-380-2550 today to start planning your walkway installation.

How new walkways can improve your landscape design

Building walkways from beautiful pavers is a great way to complete your landscape. New walkways can:

  • Add structure to your yard
  • Delineate different areas of the yard
  • Create a beautiful approach to your home

Landscape design is one of our specialties. We'll meet with you to determine the best layout for your yard, then get to work ASAP. If you're interested in new walkways, contact us today.